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This Christmas, let a woman know she's not forgotten

25 Nov 2020 - 31 Jan 2021

"If Covid-19 has taught us anything it is that even a normal person after being isolated and locked in their homes for as little as 14 days are suffering from mental health issues. Therefore, being locked in a cell with a stranger for up to 23 hours a day can have devastating effects." - Fran

We are coming to the close of what has been a spectacularly different year for us all. There have been many challenges for us as individuals, families and communities.

For women in prison in NSW the effect of COVID-19 has been insurmountable:

  • no ability for them to hug their children, family members and friends,
  • external leave was cancelled,
  • inability to leave centres to maintain their employment
  • access to Victim services counselling was removed from prisons
  • and for a period of time women in our mentoring program were not able to meet their mentors face to face.

One group of women have not forgotten their friends still inside. These women are the [WJN Advisory Panel] ( , a dynamic group of women all with their own lived experience. They have been working on producing an uplifting, positive and informative journal to be given to every woman in prison in NSW. The idea behind the journal is to remind women in prison that they have not been forgotten, not to lose hope and to reach out for support.

The journal entitled The Slottie has been developed using the experience of women who have walked their path. The term ‘slottie’ refers to a cell mate, the person you have been slotted with in the cell.

We now need your help to get The Slottie printed and delivered to every woman in prison before Christmas.

2,500 copies need to be printed.

This will allow every woman in prison in NSW before Xmas and every woman entering prison in 2021 to receive The Slottie.

This Christmas, let a woman know she's not forgotten

Donate as little as $5.50 to fund the printing of one Slottie to be delivered to a woman in prison.

If we exceed our target, all monies raised will be directed to support the work of the Advisory Panel.

Looking for a unique secret santa gift?

Purchase one copy of The Slottie or multiple copies on behalf of friend(s) and we will provide a certificate of your donation.

Thanks for your support and please share our campaign.

Wishing you, your family and friends a happy, healthy and safe Christmas.

WJN Advisory Panel


This Christmas, let a woman know she's not forgotten

25 Nov 2020 - 31 Jan 2021

by Women's Justice Network (WJN)

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