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17 Sep 2020 AEST
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NSW, Australia
What we are asking for and why

🎧 The Future Sense show has been providing in depth analysis of the global consciousness shift since late 2017, initially as a Byron Bay community radio show and now as a dedicated podcast, recorded in a temporary home studio. The show has always been broadcast free of charge, to ensure no one misses out on our unique insights.

🌟Over the past year our podcast episodes have been played 35,823 times across over 50 countries.

⏩ As the pace of global disruption intensifies, the importance of providing a reliable, long term and high quality service is foremost in our minds. The funds raised from this campaign will make the show financially sustainable and help to improve our outreach.

The Future Sense show is produced by the not for profit Aadii Mesh Foundation, a registered Australian charity dedicated to supporting humanity through this period of unprecedented global challenges and rapid change.

πŸ™ Your generous support is greatly appreciated! Please note that amounts shown are in Australian Dollars (AUD).