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What we are asking for and why

Mission Statement

The Coral Sea borders the Great Barrier Reef and the island archipelagos of Melanesia, and contains marine ecosystems of exceptionally high quality and biodiversity. Our aim is to raise awareness of the ecological and social value the Coral Sea and Eastern Coral Triangle, and to be proactive in its sustainable management. This region contains the last great reservoir of ultra-diverse coral reef in the world, yet most of it is remote and rarely visited, and is in urgent need of our assistance. Combining an ethos of science, ecotourism, and sustainability, the Coral Sea Foundation works with traditional owners to develop marine reserves that enhance fisheries and ecotourism resources, while improving the basic quality of life of people in our partner villages.

The Sea Women of Melanesia program

An important aspect of our strategy involves selecting intelligent and determined Melanesian women and training them in conservation theory, scuba diving and marine biology survey techniques so they have the skills to communicate the need for marine reserves to their local communities and are able to identify areas suitable for marine protected areas on their own coral reefs.

Several UN studies have shown that educating girls and young women in developing nations is a very practical way to achieve lower birthrates and positive outcomes in environmental management, along with a slew of other social benefits. At the Coral Sea Foundation, we are committed to implementing that that strategy in a way that benefits both the people and coral reefs of Melanesia.

This is what your donation provides:

Support for the coral reef conservation work of our existing Sea Women team in Melanesia, including humanitarian aid to our partner villages. In order to encourage community participation in the marine reserve process, we support our villages with clean water infrastructure, medical aid, and educational materials for local schools.
Your donation will also support the enrollment of new women into our training program.

Donation of $30 - $70

  • Basic Coral Reef Field guide
  • Malaria Prevention pack - Treated Mosquito Net, Mosquito Coils, insect repellent, Artemisin.
  • School pack – pens, notebooks, textbooks, school bags
  • Basic Kitchen Pack – Pots, frypans, buckets, knives, food coverings, kitchen utensils, water container.

Donation of $70 - $200

  • Sea Woman Freedive Kit – Mask, snorkel, Fins, Rashvest
  • Mid-range First Aid Pack

Donation of $200 - $1,000

  • Sea Woman Underwater camera & GPS combo
  • Sea Woman - one week marine survey and community awareness trip
  • Small Water tank and collector

Donation of $1,500 - $2,000

  • Sea Woman Open Water SCUBA course at Conflict Islands Conservation facility
  • Medium water tank and collector
  • Local University or Tech College Fees – one year

Donation of $8,000 - $10,000

  • Sea Woman six-week scuba diving and marine science intensive training on the Great Barrier Reef
  • Combined Sea Woman & Coral Sea Foundation marine reserve survey and setup expedition - PNG or Solomon Islands
  • Uni fees for 3-year undergraduate biology degree UPNG

This program already has an excellent track record of results, with 20 PNG women and 8 Solomon Islands women trained to date and more than 18 new marine reserve areas in the pipeline within Papua New Guinea.

Check our Sea Women of Melanesia YouTube Playlist for footage of our recent training programs!
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Thanks very much for considering our fundraiser!

Best wishes,
Ms Naomi Longa
Director - Sea Women of Melanesia Program
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