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The Generous and the Grateful
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05 Aug 2019 AEST
30 Jun 2020 AEST
8 Hadenfeld Ave - The Incubator, Macquarie University NSW 2109, Australia
What we are asking for and why

Every human needs a home, every home needs certain things, many can not get those things so we are the mate with the truck and muscles who can make it happen by connecting them to the kind people and companies who have lovely things to share.

Home is the place where you return to after good days and challenging days to rest, recover and go forth again the next day.

We incur costs to pick up and deliver big heavy furniture, often multiple pieces. We also do quality control and put them together in packages QUICKLY, for all that a survivor needs to create their home base. You are helping to rebuild a life and brighten a future with your items and getting it there WHEN THEY NEED IT MOST.
Let's show that we've got their back as they strive for a safe and happy future for themselves and their families! Please also consider adding a small extra amount to cover the stripe processing fees costs too!