The WheelEasy Foundation believes leisure activities should be made available to everyone. Our purpose is to create and develop products and services that enable the mobility-impaired and everyone with them to have full access to leisure activities together.

Our Story

When Max Burt was left paralysed in a car accident years ago, Max and his wife Justine were both struck by just how many activities as a couple they couldn’t do together.

They saw that when a mobility-impaired person is limited by the leisure activity available, the people with them are always affected too; family members, friends, or other companions. And then add to that all the mums and dads struggling with all the prams sold every year. So they decided to launch WheelEasy.

Our aim

Our aim is to integrate the mobility-impaired and all the people with them more fully into everyday life. There are numerous accessibility friendly products that currently exist, and more still waiting to be created. The WheelEasy Foundation aims to help deliver these products and services to all those who can’t get out and fully enjoy life together.

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