Waves of Wellness, or WOW, is a for-purpose mental health charity committed to changing lives through innovative mental health programs.

We work with people from all walks or life, including those at risk of, or currently experiencing mental health issues in the community. Our programs spread across surf therapy, education and corporate spaces, and are based on our three pillars of wellness:

  1. social inclusion
  2. connection to nature, and
  3. engagement in meaningful activity

Our vision is a world where invisible mental health issues are treated like any other physical injury, where there’s no social stigma, and people struggling don’t have to go it alone.

Mental health is not just about dealing with crisis, it’s also about finding healthy outlets for people who are struggling, recovering and doing fine. By increasing awareness, conversations and connection, we aim to change the way mental health is viewed and treated.

Join us on our journey for positive mental health and wellbeing, and become a member of the WOW community!