The Youth Development Foundation is a not-for-profit youth organisation dedicated to assisting the young people within our region improve the circumstances of their lives through engagement with positive activities, free training, confidence & motivation building, free job-ready programs, crisis accommodation, work experience & more.

YDF is widely known and supported from our local community, however we would like to expand our horizons through the use of social media, local advertising, online campaigns and more.

The Youth Development Foundation are ready to help young people who are doing life a bit tough.
We are committed to ensuring our young people have the right support. We provide a short and/or long term helping hand to help our young people turn their lives around. The Youth Development Foundation is a space where our young adults will feel safe and will find the right support to help focus on improving their life skills and knowledge.

We provide a structured community inclusive program incorporating social skills, customised training, mentoring/coaching, youth support and vocational education to support identified “at risk” young people, regain a sense of their own self-worth, respect and improve lives.

We offer a realistic work experience environment, where real skills and knowledge, on a live operating site, are learnt. We provide opportunities for marketing our young people to real employers, with real employment opportunities.
At Youth Development Foundation we assist with:
• Nationally accredited training
• Crisis accommodation
• Drug and alcohol support
• Advocacy support
• Life and social skills
• Employability skills
• Work placement
• Mentoring and coaching
• Drop in centre

YDF has served 1587 young people & counting across the region since Sep 2014, all of whom were deemed ‘at risk’ or have ‘major barriers to employment’. With a network of 63 local employers and mentors it has supported disadvantaged young people:
• 649 attain work
• 293 be placed directly into YDF’s employer network
• 817 access advocacy and medical services
• 194 into further study or return to school
Other data shows:
• 448 were female participants
• 255 were Indigenous participants
(Statistics are from July 2017)

Overall engagement is 95% of which 96% successfully improve their overall circumstances.
Participants are recruited through the networks YDF has established with government and non-government agencies in the area who also connected with disadvantaged youth. Connections have also been made with other organisations that deliver other projects and referral is made to these when appropriate.
We work with various government agencies to ensure our young people are aware of the right services and assist them to access these services at the right times. Some of the agencies we work with include:
• Department of Child Safety
• Project Booyah – Queensland Police Service
• Department of Corrective Services
• Department of Justice and Attorney-General
• Job Active Providers
• Community Welfare Groups

If you would like any further information, please contact us per below:

07 3463 0585