Operating since 2006, Koya Aboriginal Corporation (Koya) is a 100% Aboriginal owned not-for-profit organisation. Guided and led by Aboriginal people and with a focus on engaging and retaining Aboriginal staff, the organisation’s mission is to ensure Aboriginal lives, heritage and identify are strong, empowered and thriving. We are an inclusive community group that welcomes other vulnerable children and families and we use our Kinship Care model to connect communities to each other. Underpinning Koya’s delivery of services and programs is the Pindi Pindi Centre of Research Excellence which, through research and evaluation based on the principles of sustainability, empowerment and cultural security, provides evidence to inform program development, implementation and delivery.

Here are some of our projects:

Kaat, Koort n Hoops (KKnH) - Link >
Kaat, Koort n Hoops (Head, Heart and Hoops) is a sports and wellbeing program for children and young people.

Kinship Empowerment Program (KEP) - Link >
Kinship Empowerment Program (KEP) operate various activities that include engagement and meetings with key stakeholders, visits to school, delivering workshops, community gatherings targeted at students in Years 4, 5 and 6.

Guthoo: We are One, Kalgoorlie Youth Project - Link >
The untimely death of an Aboriginal young person in 2016 highlighted community concern for stronger engagement with youth, demonstrated by the high rate of youth antisocial behaviour occurring in the community.

Mooditj Relationships - Link >
The Mooditj Relationships project will develop, pilot and evaluate a holistic, strengths-based, culturally safe and effective, resilience and relationships education program for Aboriginal young people aged 10-14 years.

See more at our projects page - Link >

Koya has a number of plans in place that are being execute short, mid and long term over a number of years, such as the Partnership Development Plan which is intended to provide a practical, realistic and achievable framework for the transition of Aboriginal community development to community thriving.

Koya has operated in the Swan region for ten years and has served all members of that community, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, in a variety of different ways. We believe in empowering people to achieve their goals by providing the tools and support to put their own ideas and initiatives in motion. Koya aims to create an innovative and sustainable community owned and controlled Aboriginal business that:

  • maintains the heritage of its artists’ culture;
  • generates income, employment and recognition for their talent; and
  • through genuine Aboriginal knowledge and practices, promotes understanding and harmony with the environment and people, resulting in a social return to the State of Western Australia.