Heaps Decent is a dynamic arts organisation working with young people & emerging artists from diverse communities, providing a means by which they can tell their story in their own way. Heaps Decent supports change, positive futures & the development of high quality Australian music and visual media with a unique identity.

Heaps Decent was formed in 2007 by young people working in the Australian music industry. With an equipment bequest drop-in workshops were established in juvenile detention centres, soon followed by projects with others at risk. Since this beginning the organisation has flourished and is comprised of a collective of artists who work with over 700 participants annually in metropolitan, rural and remote communities. Many are facing substantial challenges and barriers to successful educational and community participation, and are at high risk of social isolation. Each year Heaps Decent travels thousands of kilometres with a mobile production unit, providing skills development in contemporary media. Young people explore song writing, music and image in a supportive, collaborative environment. Central to work is the creation of unique new material by young people that is reflective of their own environments and supports social justice, peace, respect, self worth and community. Sharing this work with broad audiences is a priority.

Through the provision of high quality production programs Heaps Decent:

  • Improves the lives of 'at-risk' young people by providing positive opportunities and resources
  • Develops young people's creative, technical and personal skills
  • Builds participants confidence and self esteem
  • Re-engages disconnected young people with education, learning, and their communities