“When you have a child with a disability the medical machine just needs to get underway and there is a lot you can’t control. And often you feel like you have given birth to a disability rather than your beautiful little baby. Early intervention is the opposite of that. You have complete control as a parent and you get to focus on your child and you get to focus on what positive things you can do to make sure your child can reach their full potential. One thing I would have really liked to know when I started this journey was just what a positive experience early intervention would be for our family.” Louisa

EarlyEd’s is an early intervention service. Its purpose is to provide, to children with disability, their families and community the help they need as early as possible in their life. For 40 years EarlyEd has been supporting families to know how to best support their child’s development. From our main centres in Northern and Western Sydney our therapy team and special educators go out visiting families at home or engage with preschools, childcare and schools. We create a team around each child and work in partnership with families to support them in the ways they need and want.

“I tell everyone who I run into now who might have to go thru early intervention, start as early as you can. The more you can give your child developmental support, the better.” Steph.

Significant changes have occurred to the way services like EarlyEd are now funded. Supports for families of a child with disability are no longer available. The National Disability Insurance Scheme provides funds for eligible children but not funds to support their families. As soon as a parent was concerned about their child, whether they are a baby or toddler, just about to start school or at school EarlyEd could provide support that made a difference.
Government funding for services to parents of children with a disability has gone but the needs of the families haven’t. Families still call for advice. Families still call concerned about their child, not knowing what to do. Families still have emergencies and need support. EarlyEd needs your help to keep providing this service.

Who is a child but part of a family?
Prior to NDIS EarlyEd used a preventative approach to family health and well-being. We offered support to families before they needed to ask or before someone told them they needed help.
How much better it was for families to be able to access support from the start instead of reaching a crisis before support was offered. If families have to wait until they reach a point of crisis they will have a lot of work to do to get themselves back on track.

EarlyEd can’t continue to fund our parents. We need help to find ways to fill these gaps through our fundraising projects and partnerships.

Parents of children with disability matter too.

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