Rainbow Families is an incorporated, volunteer based community organisation.

Our goal is to support, connect and empower LGBTIQ parents and their families.

Rainbow Families is the peak NSW organisation supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex (LGBTQI) parents and children.

We work with partners and volunteers to deliver a range of programs.

These include educational seminars, parenting education, playgroups, and social, community and cultural events.

Rainbow Families has introduced a strong voice for LGBTQI parents and their children in NSW, providing advocacy, support and opportunities to celebrate our families.

Through our programs, Rainbow Families works to support those in need to receive the right assistance. In particular our programs aim to;
 Support families to get the right help to support their babies, children and teenagers, including social support and parenting programs
 Ensure that culture, sexual and gender diversity is acknowledged and celebrated throughout all our service delivery
 Build parents and children’s resilience and reduce systemic and social discrimination experienced by Rainbow Families
 Celebrate and nurture a supportive community
 Support LGBTQI parents who experience depression and post natal depression and anxiety to access most appropriate specialist support
 Support children and young people to build social support networks
 Empower parents to provide the best care for their children by providing quality parenting programs and education