Cystic Fibrosis Tasmania helps Tasmanians with CF to live longer and healthier lives and provide support and advocacy for the CF community in Tasmania. We receive no Government funding, and so we rely on fundraising as a major way of providing these valuable services to our members who live with this chronic, life-shortening condition.

Imagine being told that your child has a life-limiting condition.
Imagine being told your child has a life expectancy of around 37 years of age.
Imagine being told that your child's body is clogged with mucus that affects every organ in their body, especially their digestive system and lungs.
Imagine being told that it will get progressively worse until it limits their ability to breath and their lungs fail.
Imagine being told that catching a common cold could be life threating to them.
Imagine being told they will struggle to do everyday things without feeling like they have run a marathon.
Imagine being told that every day your child will need to do physio to clear their lungs, take Enzyme capsules with everything they eat for digestion, take antibiotics, vitamins and salt tablets - all before they even start their day.
Imagine looking into your child's eyes and know you can't fix this.

And then........ imagine being told......there is no cure.

We hope that one day "CF" will stand for "Cure Found", but until that time Cystic Fibrosis Tasmania will continue to offer important services to our members such as educational and respite programs, free counselling and the loan of expensive, life saving medical equipment such as nebulisers.

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