The first Australian Hotel Etico will soon open in the Blue Mountains. Our project will contribute to change the way people perceive disabilities in Australia.

Project Download - Albergo (Hotel) Etico is an Italian social enterprise whose story demonstrates that it is possible to produce social outcomes and economic profit at the same time. Hotel Etico is a conventional hotel that offers exceptional service provided by very special staff. Hotel Etico, indeed, is a safe and supportive environment where professionals of the hospitality sector train young people with intellectual disabilities and transform them into independent adults ready for open employment.

In 10 years, Hotel Etico trained dozens of young people with Down syndrome and expanded from Italy to Latin America and Eastern Europe. The first Hotel Etico became profitable after only two years and produced changes in the lives of the trainees and their families that were unimaginable before the training. Hotel Etico brings new skills, employability, respect, self-esteem, economic and housing independence, wellness and integration in the lives of people traditionally excluded by the workforce because of their disabilities.

Hotel Etico breaks the barriers that prevent people with disability to be part of their community of choice and contribute to the workforce. People with intellectual disabilities have a huge potential, and Hotel Etico unlocks it.

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