Our vision is to connect generous everyday Australians with people who have faced extreme adversity; so that they may create a safe warm home from which they can rebuild their lives and have a brighter future.

Our mission is to provide high quality donations of essential household items to people who are seeking asylum, fleeing domestic violence, youth at risk and those transitioning from foster care. We know that if you can sleep tight and eat right then anything seems possible. Delivering essentials (preloved beds, fridges, washing machines, sofas, chests of drawers, tables and microwaves) takes an empty rental and makes it 'my new home'.) While other agencies assist with clothes, food, toys and manchester, we concentrate on the big ticket, heavy items. We are different because we are fast - by working through caseworkers and advocates, we bypass lengthy assessment delays and preserve dignity. The reduction in unnecessary landfill is immense.

So when you hear of someone renovating, downsizing, moving back to their home country, redecorating, or helping their loved ones into aged care, see it as a beautiful opportunity for a win-win situation - a new beginning for someone in dire need, and a streamlined process for the kind donor. On the corporate side, office and hotel refurbishments, aged care facilities and construction companies are great referrals for us for larger-scale donations of durable high quality goods. Oh and it's incredibly good for the environment too with impressive reductions in landfill and less new items required!

To donate your lovely items, please log your offer at with a photo and basic info and a lovely volunteer will help coordinate the details, nice and easy.

#To Discuss joining our team of volunteers go to the 'join us' page on our website.

Welcome to Team Kindness - be careful, it's catching!