First We Walk Nepal Expedition 2017

Trekking for Domestic Violence Awareness

From November 15-27, 2017, a team of like-minded internationalists from all walks of life are coming together to trek the Gosainkunda Lake route in the Nepali Himalayas to raise awareness and funds for domestic violence survivors.

100% of public funds raised by First We Walk trekkers will be donated to Her Farm. Our donations will support:

  1. Greenhouse Project (approximately USD$3,500);
  2. Women’s micro-finance fund (Goal: USD$5,000);

*If we exceed our funding goals, we will raise the stakes to provide funds for a second greenhouse, with further overflow of funds being pooled into the women's micro-finance fund.

Her Farm is located in rural Nepal and provides a safe place for women to live, farm and thrive. They can control their own destinies by controlling their own land. These women can and will feed their own families by working collectively to tend livestock and grow crops.

With the help of local Nepali people and foreign volunteers and supporters, Her Farm provides vibrant Himalayan mountain communities with access to healthcare, education and economic opportunities.