The Business Education Network (BEN) is a registered Australian charity which supports young people, who are facing considerable challenges in their lives, to transition from adolescence to adulthood. There are many real and concerning threats to the welfare and development of Australian youth and we work with our incredibly supportive and inspiring partners and ambassadors in the community to make a considerable and tangible difference.

Together we improve the lives of local families and their children by providing school and community groups with outreach and vocational programmes, exposure to industry, mentoring, qualified youth case worker support and personal development resources. This includes inspirational workshops and mentoring by our Ambassadors – Guy Leech, and Cr. Michael Reagan.

BEN are passionate about making an enormous difference in our community. We are continually grateful to our partners for your support and generous donations to assist with our work. Over our 20 years of working together we have inspired over 100,000 student opportunities across the Northern Sydney region.

Registered in Australia.
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