We are independent, yet collaborative and inclusive

We are a highly respected, successful and long-serving organisation. What’s the secret to our success?

We stand up for what we believe in, and stand up for those who are excluded or disenfranchised.
We work in partnership with like-minded organisations around the state and nation.
We respect and offer dignity to all we work with, no matter who they are, what they believe in, what their socio-economic status is, or where they come from.
We get to the root causes of disadvantage and exclusion

The causes of disadvantage and exclusion are complex and not always well understood. We use knowledge gained from our diverse services, combined with specialist research, to inform our understanding of disadvantage. This allows us to develop effective service responses and to advocate effectively to Government for social policy that provides sustainable solutions to disadvantage and exclusion.

We break down barriers

When it comes to disadvantage and exclusion, barriers result in consequences such as lack of recognition and acceptance, powerlessness and voicelessness, economic vulnerability, diminished life experiences and limited life prospects.

We aim to break down barriers through our work to overcome deep disadvantage, disconnection and exclusion.

Barriers are a lack of access to things like:

adequate income
affordable and sustainable housing
equitable access to education
participation in employment
opportunities for social connections
Breaking down barriers means working to provide the same opportunities, resources and social connections that most take for granted, which in turn opens up important life chances and choices.

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