Every week five more Australians sustain a spinal cord injury and another 10 to 15 suffer from traumatic brain injury.

The impact of these injuries extend far beyond the point of trauma as each person faces new challenges and barriers to independence and inclusion.

Royal Rehab is dedicated to changing this; to enabling choice and to creating better stories for people with a disability.

Founded in 1899 through a visionary act of philanthropy, Royal Rehab was formed to help the most vulnerable in the community - to give hope, comfort and connection to hospital patients discharged as "incurable".

Today, more than 100 years on, the generosity of the community allows us to continue the mission to maximise life skills and abilities through inclusion and pathways to participation for people with traumatic brain and spinal cord injury, and other complex health needs.

Through our innovative projects, programs and services we aim to provide opportunities that help our clients reclaim their lives and connectedness within their communities. With community support and generosity, we can continue to work towards advancing rehabilitation and creating better stories with and for people with disability.

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