Stand Tall-The Event charity is bringing hope, relief and support to young Australians facing adversity in their high school years: addressing issues such as self-harm, suicide, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, bullying and domestic violence, social isolation.

We operate in several key areas:
A : We provide students from Years 8-11 with an exciting one-day event as a school excursion, where students hear empowering messages from their pop-culture role models, in a safe environment where professional support is on-site:

3 key things students leave the day with:

  1. Self- belief and hope that they can enjoy a successful future

  2. The power of resilience and how not to let the past dictate the future

  3. How to take a stand against bullying and other dangerous behaviours and become leaders

B: Students attending the Event are given the opportunity to attend the Stand Tall Champions Camps which provide holiday respite and support to those in need. These camps provide nurturing, self-value and leadership and sports training and are transforming young men and women into self-confident leaders. These students then become student leaders at future camps and events.

C: Personal support and resources following the camps and events.