Co-operative Home Care is a unique worker owned co-operative that provides in-home support to older people living with a disability or with a chronic illness. Through respectful, courteous and experienced care, we aim to improve the quality of life for both our employees and the people we care for.

Co-operative Home Care, as a provider of in home support services, we acknowledge the difficulties of providing person centred care while facing difficult practical issues. We believe the provision of a day care service will help minimise the social isolation and lack of social value experienced by older people with a disability living in local communities. In addition to the economic benefits gained by our worker members by increased workforce participation and improved financial literacy and education, which lead to long term human capital and social capital outcomes.

Our organisational structure is based on our Care Crews, which are self-managed teams. This structure is a good fits with our worker co-operative principles of employee commitment and engagement. Care Crews are small teams of 10-12 who live and work in their local community. We find this to be an effective customer centric way of running our organization’s day to day activities. Which are:
• Cost effectiveness while also enhancing business performance – by using a lean business model, there is no middle management layer in our organisation; our front line workers are closest to our customers and best able to respond to customer demands. The Care Crew are given the authority to meet the demands of the customer without having to send the query to a superior for instruction.
• Enhancing organizational learning and adaptability, because members of self-managed teams have the latitude to experiment with their work and to develop strategies that are uniquely suited to the tasks of daily care and support;
• Enhancing employee’s commitment to the organization because self-managing teams offer wider participation in and ownership of the important organizational decisions

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