Beyond is a justice festival.

We believe that our world can be a better, more loving, more inclusive place where all have the opportunity to grow and flourish.

We believe we need to celebrate what binds us together: so Beyond is a genuine community that embraces a mixture of genders, ages, cultures and traditions.

We are committed to being people of justice and working for justice in Australia - Indigenous Justice, Gender Equality, Employment Justice, Housing Justice, Climate and Refugee Justice are just a few of the areas that we engage.

We work alongside some of our nation's most influential artists and thinkers: Katie Noonan, Archie Roach, Rosalie Kunoth-Monks, Tim Costello, Prof. Gillian Triggs, Shane Howard, Lior and many, many more to inspire us to greater involvement in our country's future.

Beyond Festival is a place of creativity, celebration, education and empowerment across the generations - because real change comes when regular people start living it out.