Mission Australia is a leading, national community services organisation dedicated to changing the lives of Australia’s most vulnerable.

We live in one of the richest countries in the world. But 14.4% of our population lives below the poverty line – higher than the OECD countries average of 11% – which means that many Australians battle disadvantage and adversity every day.

We believe that every Australian should have access to the same opportunities, resources and social connections that most of us take for granted – affordable housing, a steady job, an adequate income, a decent education and a chance to participate in society.

Our vital services support young people, families, adults and communities to escape and avoid poverty. We improve lives and build better futures.

Our staff are dedicated professionals with the expertise to deliver innovative, integrated services that make a long-term, sustainable difference to people’s lives. Drawing on our Christian heritage, our work is underpinned by our values of compassion, integrity, respect, perseverance and celebration.

We help Australians in need move towards independence.