You can help Children access life changing support!

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What we are asking for and why

The Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC) would like your help to give children who are deaf or hard of hearing the best possible support in their vital early years, when their brains are developing at an incredible rate, and when their journey to learning speech and language begin.

Your donation will help children and families through RIDBC's Early Intervention Program.

Without early intervention at this crucial time, children like Natalija can be left disconnected from their world.

“I didn’t take much notice when the nurse told me Natalija needed further testing after her newborn hearing test. She’d been delivered by Caesarian, and I thought ‘Oh, it’s possibly just fluid in her ears.”

Four weeks later, Sofi and Doug watched as an audiologist took the speakers out of Natalija’s tiny ears. The sound was blasting – but Natalija didn’t flinch. In that moment, Sofi knew something wasn’t right.

Sofi and Doug were quickly introduced to an RIDBC support person who talked them through options that could help Natalija engage with the world as she grew up. The options included cochlear implants and help learning to speak.
Why so soon? Because the first year of a child’s life is vital for learning and when tailored support can make the biggest difference.

This is the time when a child is learning so much of their language, speech and communication skills. These early years are the building blocks for school learning.

Early intervention is absolutely vital for a child who is deaf or hard of hearing. We need your support to provide these essential services to more children who need them.

Please support RIDBC this Christmas and help Children like Natalija live a life unlimited.