Worlds Toughest Workout

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Clay Cook
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What I am asking for and why

Mental health has a huge impact on today's society, not only for the people who are suffering but anyone close to that person. The World Health Organisation estimates the mental health has the third largest impact on society across any disease.

On December 7th i am going to do the "Worlds Toughest Workout" for my chosen charity, Gotcha4life. Gotcha4life teaches schoolboys that being vulnerable doesn't come at the sacrifice of masculinity. As well as a host of in resilience and emotional intelligence tools. They also provide counselling and outreach services to the groups at the highest risk.

The Workout (in 24 hours)

  • Run a Marathon
  • 186 back-squats at 100 kgs: (Every month 186 men will die from suicide in Australia.)
  • Row a marathon
  • 500 Push-ups: (1 in 5 Australians will suffer from a mental health disorder this year.)
  • Ski a marathon
  • 176 Pull-ups: (There is176 suicide attempts in Australian every day.)
  • 280 Shoulder presses at 40kg: (28% of men who die from suicide have sought treatment.)
  • Run a marathon