Working Mums; Bundap Marram Durn-durn

Aiming to raise
What we are asking for and why

In the language of the Wurundjeri people Bundap Marram Durn-durn means good mind and body. This is what we are trying to help each Working Mum and her family to achieve and maintain.

Working Mums provides support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders women and their families, including children to retain employment reskill or upskill or re-enter the workforce and maintain a life/work balance including physical and mental health and well
being, reduced family violence, improved education, financial management and social inclusion.

For many Aboriginal families with no history of family employment, maintaining this balance and staying in a job feels like it is an impossible task.

With $100,000 we can help 125 women stay in the workforce for 12 months