When times are tough, we go all in to help.

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What we are asking for and why

For more than 100 years, Australian Red Cross has been there for people through times of crisis. It could be a drought, fire or flood. It could be starting over in a new country, or being suddenly alone in your golden years.

We see people survive the worst days of their lives, and then they flourish. Because a little support at the right time is life-changing. It gives them the strength to keep going.

Here’s what more we can do with your help:

• Ensure people who have fled conflict or persecution overseas have what they need to settle safely in Australia and build a life in their new communities.
• Support people through immediate and long-term recovery when disaster strikes, and champion disaster risk reduction across our region.
• Support initiatives designed and delivered in regional and remote Australian communities, giving local people opportunities that might not otherwise come their way.
• Give young Australians who have had a run-in with the law a chance to rehabilitate, contribute to society, and turn their lives around.