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Our names are Lucas Senior and Finn Horton and we are in Grade 6. We know we are lucky, we go to good schools, live in nice houses, we play lots of sport and have IPADS. We know that this is not to same for all kids around the world so we want to help.

Please join us a The Hunger (Project) Games. We will be holding a games tournament to help raise money for The Hunger Project. (

Kids come to play games. The winners of each game will receive points and the person with the most points will win a prize.

It will cost $50 for each kid to play - which includes snacks, lunch and drinks. If your parents would like to join us the cost is $20 for lunch and a drink.

Our goal is to raise $2500. Every $50 will immunise children against everyday diseases that are life-threatening in Africa, create a micro-lending loan to help women start a business to support their families or to pay for children to go to school.

Thank you for supporting us.