A safe place for a baby to sleep

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Dandelion believes that every child deserves somewhere safe to sleep. Unfortunately due to a range of challenges, and often very complex needs, the families we support often find themselves in a particularly vulnerable position and cannot afford essential nursery items. With your help, we can change that.

This gift can be life changing for a family in need. A safe cot or bassinet reduces the risk of babies co-sleeping with adults and other children, sleeping in unsafe spaces and ultimately reduces the risk of SIDS, falls and suffocation. In 2019 Dandelion rehomed 422 cots and 196 bassinets with families in need and the demand for these items is growing each month. We currently have 19 families on our waitlist for a cot. Donate now to help make a difference for a child in need.

Together let’s ensure that every baby has a safe space to sleep.