Aiming to raise
What we are asking for and why

RegenTV, AABR’s video channel, shares best practice ecological restoration case studies. RegenTV’s content comes from recording forums, field days and seminars.

The Seeds for the Future Forum will be sharing best practice strategies on biodiversity offsetting, current research on seed provenance, innovative approaches, tools & techniques for seed production and processing, and developing a roadmap to ensure planning decisions address connectivity across the landscape, in particular the Greater Sydney basin and beyond.

We are aiming to raise $6500 to record the presentations, plenary and discussions held at the Seeds for the Future forum. The presentations will be individually edited to produce multiple high quality videos that capture the mood, meaning and outcomes of the forum.

Your donation will enable the sharing the forum with those unable to attend and assist us to provide an online learning resource for the bush regeneration community, supporting the UN Decade of Ecological Restoration and the Sustainable Development goals within the context of the National Standards for Ecological Restoration, highlighting industry best practice in a climate-changing world.