Raise Foundation Mentoring Year 8 & 9 students on the Northern Beaches

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Susan O'reilly
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What I am asking for and why

Support mentors in all public high schools across the Northern Beaches.

Students in Year 8/9 build their confidence, resilience and are inspired to be more engaged at school while learning life skills such as setting goals, preparing for their first job interview, communicating more confidently, coping in tough times, how to say no to peer pressure, asking for and accepting help

These interactive 6 month mentoring programs allow students to form a connection with a volunteer mentor over 6 months through weekly workshops at the school. Life changing and inspiring for students, mentors and the community.

Why Im so passionate about volunteer mentoring and supporting Raise mentoring costs to provide free mentoring training for mentors to support students and schools

2018 Outcomes from feedback from over 1,000 mentored students:

92% feel better about school
89% improved communication
93% made better choices
77% set a goal to achieve
86% feel better about themselves
82% feel more connected
80% likely to continue with school
99% enjoyed the program
97% recommend to a friend

2018 Outcomes from feedback from over 1,000 volunteer mentors:

93% improved listening skills
81% improved leadership skills
67% more engaged with employer
77% increased social network
60% improved parenting skills
60% skills for employment
68% apply mentoring at work
98% contribution to community
95% increased sense of purpose

Outcomes feedback from our Schools:

100% pleased they participated
99% asked for the program again
94% improved wellbeing of students
94% encouraged engagement
64% supported the wellbeing team
30% lower levels of disruption