Provide essential training for people working to with men who use family violence

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No to Violence - working together to end men's family Violence

Domestic Violence workers regularly engage with men who use family violence. It is crucial that workers have the knowledge, skills and capabilities to work with men who use family violence to ensure the safety of women and children. In a sector that is stretched for resources, the necessary training is not always available.

The training covers things such as

  • Drivers of men’s family violence
  • Avoiding collusion and inviting accountability and change
  • The risks and safety or victims/survivors
  • Skills to work alongside men and support shifts towards transformative change

$320 could provide a two-day intensive training course for a worker to develop the skills and knowledge they need to work safely with men who use family violence.

You can help raise $8,000 so that 25 people can receive this vital training.

For 25 years, No to Violence has spoken to thousands of men, led the practice development of men's behaviour change work and advocated for the social and political change needed to keep families safe. By supporting No to Violence, you are actively working to encourage men to choose to stop their violence and take responsibility for their behaviour.