Provide counselling for men who use family violence

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No to Violence - working together to end men's family violence

Men's Behaviour Change Programs are the primary option available to work with men to help change abusive behaviours and end family violence.

Each year, thousands of men are referred to these programs, but there are not enough programs to engage with even half of them, waiting lists are often 6 to 12 months.

Men on waiting lists are likely to continue their abusive behaviours, less likely to join a program when a place becomes available and less likely to complete the program. We are working on expanding the funding and resources for programs to engage with men aiming to change their behaviour. We are also aiming to provide extra support in the short-term - by providing telephone counselling for those on waiting lists.

$75 is all it takes to provide a counselling session for a man waiting for a Men's Behaviour Change Program.

With your support, we want to be able to make at least 500 calls to support men to be accountable for their actions and cease abusive behaviours.

For 25 years, No to Violence has spoken to thousands of men, led the practice development of men's behaviour change work and advocated for the social and political change needed to keep families safe. By supporting No to Violence, you are actively working to encourage men to choose to stop their violence and take responsibility for their behaviour.