Provide an educational "Blue Bag" to a family in remote Australia

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What we are asking for and why

RIDBC Remote Services (formerly known as RIDBC Teleschool) delivered by Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children. Remote Services supports families of children from birth to 18 years who have vision or hearing loss and live in rural or regional areas of Australia. This support is delivered via high quality video conferencing technology into the family home.

RIDBC believes that a child’s first and most significant learning occurs through interactions within their family. To address the unique and special needs of each child, specialist Remote Services consultants provide each family with a resource pack known as the ‘Blue Bag’. The ‘Blue Bag’ includes toys, games, books and resources that will complement sessions between family and consultant. With the help of the ‘Blue Bag’, families are encouraged to become involved in all parts of the child’s program.