Protect the Great Barrier Reef

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In 2016 and 2017 the Reef faced unprecedented back-to-back years of bleaching and coral death – 93% of individual reefs were affected, and 30% of all corals died in 2016.

Greenhouse gas pollution, through the burning of coal and other fossil fuels, is driving marine heatwaves and ocean acidity which will eventually kill the reef unless we transition to clean, renewable energy and storage technologies.

But the Federal Government is downplaying the threat to our fragile reefs from dangerous climate change.

If the Federal Government is serious about protecting the Reef they must implement a credible climate policy, including a plan for deeply and rapidly reducing Australia’s rising greenhouse gas pollution levels, whilst ramping up Australia’s transition to clean, non-polluting renewable energy technologies and battery storage solutions.

Your support will allow the Climate Council to continue to fight for a credible climate policy, shine a light on the reef by securing media stories unveiling the ongoing devastation, and push for a transition to a clean, renewable-powered future.