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On behalf of VBCA and VBC I would like to thank you so much for your kind donations. Your donations have helped make a permanent positive difference to the lives of many poor Cambodian people.

What we are asking for and why

JDOW Long Village is about 20kms from Siam Reap and is a small rice farming village.

The residents are extremely poor and do their best to help each other out, but they desperately need assistance in basic necissities such as housing, water and

Recently EOCambo volunteers visited the village to investigate their immediate needs in an endevour to improve the lives of at least 6 families in the village.

It is women who are affected the most, but not exclusively by the lack of basic shelter, water and saniitation.

The families we would like to help range from old ladies living alone to young families with children.

Despite their living conditions and the extremely hard life they have to lead, all the families we met were beautiful people, struggling with the basic necessities of live.

This fundraising effort will build 2 houses and 5 water wells with filters for the village and change the lives of the community immediately.