NZ Great Lake Relay - Team Ultra Marathon

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A number of our members and supporters recently completed the Length of the Lake Relay and ultra marathon in New Zealand.

Their team name was "Run for the Roses".

The Length of the Lake Relay was run on Saturday 16th February 2019 and covered a total distance of 67.5km over 8 legs. Legs ranged from 5km to 14km in length.

The team comprised:

Scott Lancaster (CFT President)
Callum Lancaster
Maree McCulley
Lizzie Van Dongen
Joe McKeon

Alison Lonergan and Karen Cooper were both late withdrawals due to injury, but Alison was still able to join the team in Taupo. And another long time supporter of CF Tasmania, Denny Fleming - whose idea it was to run around Lake Taupo in the first place - was unable to join the team because of a couple of uncooperative knees, much to her disappointment.

What's remarkable about the team that did make it to NZ is that 21 year old Lizzie lives with CF, yet she is a great example of someone who is determined not to let CF get in the way of achieving all that she wants to. It's not even the first marathon that she has competed in! What an inspiration.

The members of the team funded the trip themselves so that all the donations raised would go to benefit the children and predominantly young adults in Tasmania that CF Tasmania provides support to.

The run has already been a great success, with the donations already reaching and beating the team's fundraising goal of $7,500. But just because the run is done doesn't mean that you can't donate.

The fundraising campaign will remain open until the end of March meaning there's still time to make a donation and leave a message for the team who put so much effort into their trans-Tasman endeavour.

Thank you to everyone that's donated thus far and helped the team reach its fundraising goal, and to all the messages of support and encouragement before the run. They really appreciated it.

And thanks to everyone that has donated since the run too.