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A not-for-profit charity, we transform young peoples’ lives through our education programs and professional theatrical performances. For 22 years, we’ve made it our mission to take the power of theatre to the young people who need it most: those living in regional and remote Australia and in disadvantaged, urban communities.

Please help us reach more young Australians with exceptional theatre and education.

“The overall increase in communication skills and confidence amongst our students is due to the incredible efforts brought from those at Monkey Baa. While these outcomes are desirable for all children, in a multicultural and low socioeconomic community such as ours, these are essential.” Felicity Bonello, Principal, Bankstown West Public School

Monkey Baa is Australia’s widest reaching touring theatre company. We believe that all young people deserve to experience theatre and education programs in a manner that informs, reflects and treats them as equals, regardless of their location, ethnicity or economic circumstances.

We know our Education Program makes a difference. Through our teacher led, curated and curriculum-linked Arts-based educational workshops, we deliver around 250 workshops to over 5,000 students across Australia each year.

With your help, we want to reach more children than ever before through our exceptional touring Education workshop program.

It is so important to us that young people have a creative voice and that it is reflected in the work we create for them. Our workshops are delivered by artists on the stage or in the classroom to empower young people in their creative choices, build self-expression and nurture collaborative communication.

Please donate today. Each donation is one more child who feels visible.