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Each year more than 3,000 animals pass through the doors of Sydney Dogs and Cats Home.

Sadly the majority of these animals require additional veterinarian intervention to alleviate their suffering and restore them to health so that they can find a new loving home.

Sydney Dogs and Cats Home has secured a 50-year lease for a vacant parcel of land in Kurnell, a great achievement since finding out that the site we've called Home since 1946 was slated for redevelopment.

We have a wonderful opportunity to create a purpose build, best in practice facility to care for Sydney's lost and abandoned animals.

An integral part of the build of this facility will be an onsite fully functioning vet clinic.

Currently we are dependent upon the availability of a third-party, offsite vet clinic to perform the essential veterinary care needed each day. This means much of our work is not scheduled in advanced but reliant on the windows of opportunity when the surgery room is available.

Unlimited access to a fully functioning onsite vet clinic will further enhance the efficiency and ease of care we can provide to Sydney's lost and abandoned pets. No longer will we be in the position that we are rushing an injured or neglected pet to an offsite clinic to perform a surgery.

Having our own Sydney Dogs and Cats Home clinic will be more cost-effective, more time -efficient and less stressful for the pets who find themselves in our care.

To build the new Sydney Dogs and Cats Home Veterinarian Treatment Centre, we need your support.

Please donate now to support the build of our new facility, enabling Sydney Dogs and Cats Home to continue to transform the lives of the pets that come into our care.