KKnHorizons Youth Summit 2019 - Imagine • Build • Share the Dream (Free Event)

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What we are asking for and why

KKnH Youth Summit 2019 is a free event for all with a special focus on young people, encouraging and nurturing their tremendous potential.

Your support helps us empower the youth to be a productive part of society and have a fulfilling future.

There are a number of events associated with the Youth Summit such as:

We will be giving an insight into how the Youth Summit has run in the past with Guthoo, and an introduction to what is to come in the 10 week program leading up to the Summit.

During the workshops, the Youth will split themselves into groups. They will brainstorm what message they would like to present to the public in an art form of their choice i.e. Song, Dance, Skit, Model...

As a participant of this year's Summit, you will have a VOICE to enact change and showcase solutions to the challenges youth face today. The Summit is a great opportunity for youth to come together as one, for a better community here in Perth and the City of Swan.

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