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VBCA thanks everyone who contributed to the KCCC appeal whose new home has made a big impact for one family who now look forward to 2019 with new hope!

What we are asking for and why

Fundraising for Volunteer Building Cambodia Australia

What is Volunteer Building Cambodia?

What cost a home? In rural areas of Cambodia's Siem Reap, that cost is just US2,900 (around A$4,000). But the difference it can make to the life of a family living in poverty is immeasurable. Poor education, lack of skills and a shortage of job opportunities mean many rural Cambodians are still living in extreme poverty with inadequate shelter. A simple, sturdy Khmer-style wooden house provides shelter and security for Cambodian families living in need. Volunteer Building Cambodia run volunteer programs which involve a week of building a house to replace the fragile structures that offer little protection from the elements. This provides not just a home for families living in poverty, but improved living conditions that change lives, through better sanitation, increased security, better health, and an improved ability for children to attend school and receive an education, breaking the cycle of poverty for future generations.

Volunteer Building Cambodia Australia assists donors to raises funds that can be used for Volunteer Building Cambodia to provide safe, clean accommodation for poor Cambodian families