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We are 2 Granny's - 1 want-a-be and the other a gone-a-be. We want to make a difference so we signed up for the JALOPY DERBY AND RURAL RUN. The Jalopy Derby is NOT the same as other CHARITY DERBY’S as they go through towns as fast as they can TO WIN THE RACE. The JALOPY DERBY AND RURAL RUN is all about the Farmers and the people that live in the towns. I understand that money is important as without it the people couldn’t survive or rebuild their communities which is needed for the happiness and their mental health. The JALOPY DERBY AND RURAL RUN is raising funds, but we will be spend time with the people and farmers. We are going to stop at seven towns (starting at Sydney Olympic Park to Coolah-Brewarrina-Cunnamulla-Windorah-Longreach-Emerald and ending in Yeppoon), we don't see a lot of tarmac on the way but putting our money in their pockets by shopping locally, sitting down having a something to eat with them, taking the time to go and visit/help hopefully may help to let them know that Australia cares. Talking to somebody you don’t know can sometimes help change your mental attitude and bring the fight for survival back. The people whether farmers, teachers or children need to know that people care about them. We will be staying two nights in Cunnamulla for our Farm Rescue day. The people at Rural Aid are currently organising the entire day of work for us to maximise our time in town and help as many people as possible. There is going to be up to 100 teams with 2 people in a team. I am so looking forward to meeting these people that have stuck together and are fighting to survive. Hopefully we can turn their frowns upside down and make them smile.
To distribute of fodder, food hampers and more, to farmers rebuild and repair vital infrastructure, the aim is to provide a support program to rural Australia. The mission is to raise as much money as possible for the drought affected rural communities across Australia that are doing it tough. As the worst drought in history continues to take its toll, Rural Aid has launching a campaign aimed at providing 10 country towns impacted by drought, with a makeover. The Winners of Rural Aid’s ‘ten towns’ makeover initiative are:
Alpha / QLD – Barraba / NSW – Brewarrina / NSW – Coolah / NSW – Cunnamulla / QLD – Gayndah / QLD – Lockington / VIC – Monto / QLD – Orroroo / SA – Walgett / NSW

What the charity is asking for and why

The Jalopy Derby is a 7 night, 8 day car rally across rural outback Australia, primarily on unsealed roads, providing participants with an opportunity to experience this amazing country, build life long friendships, foster comradeship and an ethos of helping others and simply celebrating life itself.

However, we’re a rally with a real difference . . . We won’t be rushing from one overnight stop to another, trying to cover as many kilometres as possible and missing the unique environment we’re driving through. On the contrary, our derby goes out of its way to give you fascinating insights into the regions and the challenges they face.

From the ‘Buy a Bale campaign’, where Australians have generously donated to enable the distribution of fodder, food hampers and more, to the programs designed to help farmers rebuild and repair vital infrastructure, Rural Aid aims to provide a holistic support program to rural Australia.

Our mission is to raise as much money as possible for the drought affected rural communities across Australia, supported by Rural Aid.