It's In The Bag - High Tea

Organised by
Melissa Hoare
Aiming to raise
What I am asking for and why

With the passing of my mum just this last August, had The school holidays going through my mum's "things"💖

We went through many things and one thing that I knew I could contribute with in a positive way were her handbags!

Have you heard of #sharethedignity? This awesome charity help homeless women and women who are victims of domestic violence to keep their dignity when it comes to personal hygiene and "that time of the month!"

They run a christmas appeal called #itsinthebag where we can fill handbags with products to help women in these circumstances to help them feel clean, fresh, hygienic and womanly in their times of crisis!

I've got about 6 handbags that were mum's and would love some help to fill them and donate them to this amazing charity!

Would you like to help me?
We can add anything to the bag like pads, tampons, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, make up anything that can help women especially when they think it's not a priority to look after themselves or have spent money on more necessary items.

If you would like to contribute some items or anything, please let me know!!!

I have been authorized by Share The Dignity to fund raise and hold an event.
I am holding a High Tea at my place and this online fundraising platform through them to collect funds, items and bags to fill to donate to this amazing cause!

Every little bit helps!
Have you ever been "caught out" with nothing in your hand bag at "that time of the month"?
What about when you forget to put deoderant in your bag and you feel you need it when you're out and about?
Homeless women and victims of domestic violence don't have this luxury of everyday items, let alone having a spare in their hand bag, if they've got one!
Let's share the dignity for these women and lift them up!