Help us brighten some futures

Aiming to raise
What we are asking for and why

Sponsor incredible survivors starting life over after trauma and tragedy – they need a safe home base from which to recover and create the life they wish for.

Your donation helps turn an empty rental into a haven with the essentials we all need in our home. We specialise in the tough stuff that can be hard to get if you don’t have the cash/transport/headspace to organise it as you're rebuilding your life. Beds, fridges and washing machines are our key items, plus sofas, TVs, chests of drawers and so on. We only give quality items to show our recipients they deserve beautiful things as well as kindness.

Delivery expenses are our primary overhead in addition to insurance, as GG is run by volunteers.
Our transport costs are:
Single item delivery: $40
Bed, bar fridge and lounge chair to recently homeless individual: $90
Beds, fridge, lounge, table and chairs, chest of drawers to small family: $160
Beds, fridge, washing machine, lounge, table and chairs, chest of drawers and TV to large family $280

Every donation contributes towards the above. That means a good night's sleep, meals together, and presenting well for school and work/interviews for a lot of vulnerable people.

Won't you sleep well knowing what you've made possible?