Heroes Fighting for Youth in Crisis

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On November 8, White Collar Boxing is hosting the 'Zero 2 Hero #4 Charity Fight Night'.

My name is Simon Mitchell, I grew up in a very volatile home environment and left home at the age of 15. If it wasn't for some key people that came into my life It could have had a very different outcome.

👉 The Sir David Martin Foundation helps kids like myself who are in crisis, who may have given in to drugs and alcohol, to give them the tools and education to navigate a new life and flourish.
👉 The bravery of these 'Zero 2 Hero' warriors aims to mirror the bravery of the youth suffering from a variety of mental health conditions and drug addiction.
👉 The event is the culmination of a journey which will see individuals, all of whom were complete novices, step into the ring for their first ever competitive fight. A truly amazing feat!
👉 We ask you to dig deep and help show what we can achieve when we all come together to support bravery in its many guises.

💥 As a gym that strives to positively impact our wider community, as fighters, and through our friends and family, we are collectively looking to raise $30,000 for the Sir David Martin Foundation! We believe we are more than capable. Any donations; big or small are greatly appreciated!