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Family violence is an issue that occurs across all ages, socioeconomic and demographic groups that mainly affects women and children. The 75 Challenge is a collective effort to make sure the voices of women and children are kept safe by supporting No to Violence .

‘75’ represents the cost of providing a counselling session for a man waiting for a Men’s Behaviour Change Program, that could effectively change their beliefs, attitudes, behaviour and choices, ensuring the safety of partners, women and children.

The 75 Challenge aims to raise vital funds and awareness for No To Violence by either walking or running 75 kilometres throughout the month of June.

If walking or running isn’t your thing, you can also choose to ride 750 kilometres. Whether you want to join in on the challenge yourself or participate by donating to the cause, you will be helping No To Violence advocate for the social and political change needed to keep women and children safe. Together, let’s set a challenge for ourselves this June and in the process seek to end men’s family violence.