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No to Violence - Working together to end men's family violence.

Culturally appropriate family violence services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are vital.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations and communities carry out extraordinary work to end domestic and family violence. No to Violence is proud to be working with Aboriginal led and controlled agencies to co-design and co-deliver new, evidence-informed, culturally safe and appropriate training on working with men who use family violence in Koori communities.

Training and travel costs can be a barrier to being part of this process and attending training.

$280 can cover the cost for one worker to attend a session in a regional centre.

For 25 years No to Violence has spoken to thousands of men, led the practice development of men’s behaviour change work and advocated for the social and political change needed to keep families safe. By supporting No to Violence, you are actively working to support men to make the choice to stop their violence and take responsibility for their behaviour.