Help make Mothball an International Superstar

Aiming to raise
A message from the cause

Thank you for your support. Unfortunately we have had to cancel the US tour of DIARY OF A WOMBAT.

We will keep our supporters up to date about any future touring of the production.

Best wishes,

Monkey Baa

What we are asking for and why

International tours help raise the profile of Australian theatre both here and overseas, enabling us to leverage more meaningful support from government and corporate sponsors towards our operational costs. But for a small, not-for-profit company, they are a huge undertaking.

This is why we need your help. $30,000 supports our small, dedicated team in delivering an international tour of our award-winning production, DIARY OF A WOMBAT, over and above our already impressive output here at home.

In 2020, with your help, Mothball will travel to Nashville, Kansas, Memphis, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Texas, California, Georgia and Florida. Then she might have a sleep.

Please donate to Monkey Baa Theatre Company and help us continue to make great Australian theatre for young people, no matter where they live.

A word from Mothball:


Agent called. We're going to Nashville. Apparently my fan base extends across America. Not surprising.


Checked carrot supply. Carrot supply low. Need $30,000 carrots to perform 49 times for 40,000 humans.


Pondered all the American children who need me in their lives. Reflected on serious task of being ambassador for Australian theatre on world stage.




Demanded Monkey Baa tell my loyal supporters about the urgent need to raise $30,000 to support Monkey Baa Theatre Company