Help get your goods from Generous to Grateful

Raised so far
Aiming to raise
Doing your bit to add an important item to a home essentials package, like young people at risk who have never had their own bed and couch! 1-3 items
This is the same as helping someone's Auntie or Nan avoid homelessness and have a cuppa in her comfy chair, plus bed, fridge, bedside, table and chairs. Covers 4-9 items
Imagine the mum and her kids who left behind abuse snuggling on the sofa/eating together at the table and chairs, going to school in clean uniforms.... Covers 10-20 items
A large refugee family with nothing to their name will have everything they need to fill their empty rental so the kids get to school, parents are able to work, and they can build their beautiful future in this lucky country. Covers a truckload and the guys needed to pack and transport it.