Healing our land

Aiming to raise
What we are asking for and why

FNPW has launched a worldwide appeal Healing our land to repair the damage inflicted during Australia's horror bushfire season.
We've already allocated emergency funds to wildlife organisations across the country helping our wildlife survivors.
Now we're asking you to help build a fund for Healing our land: restoring habitat for our threatened species, restoring our national parks with tree plantings and landscape management, and purchasing land for the purpose of creating new national parks.

The challenge we face:

This hellish summer has devastated our national parks and pushed many native species to the brink of extinction.
Over 11 million hectares of national park and bushland have been destroyed.
Overall, it's estimated that the range and population of between 20 and 100 threatened or endangered species have been burnt.
In a figure nearly impossible to grasp, it is estimated 1 billion native animals have lost their lives in these fires.

With your support, Healing our land will help to:

  • Protect unburnt patches in otherwise charred landscapes

  • Restore the habitat necessary to once again support wildlife, by planting vegetation and providing critical food resources

  • Initiate immediate pest control to prevent feral animals like foxes preying on native animals now exposed by the fires

  • Purchase available land on the edges of our national parks to extend them and provide additional areas for threatened animals to recover

  • Establish monitoring programs that will chart recovery of species

Long-Term Impact - Healing our land:

  • Restoration of landscapes impacted by fires
  • Recovery of threatened species impacted by fires
  • Establishment of bushfire recovery tree nurseries

It will take a long time for our precious national parks and native animal populations to recover from this extreme event.

Please continue your support and help us build a fund for healing our land to assure their future. Thank you.