Great Splash at Great Strides

Organised by
Julia Langrehr
Aiming to raise
What I am asking for and why

I am participating in the Great Splash at Strathalbyn Great Strides in support of people living with CF, together we hope to raise $5000. You can help me by making a donation to my campaign, or by coming along on the day to donate and try your throwing hand in an attempt to dunk me and my colleagues.

Cystic Fibrosis is the most common recessive genetic condition affecting Australians and 1 in 25 of us carry the CF gene - most people have no idea they are a carrier of CF until their baby is diagnosed. There is no cure for CF but we are working hard to make sure that everyone with CF lives their best life and remains as well as possible.

CFSA is the community based charity that supports people living with CF and for almost 50 years has provided programs which ease the daily burden of life with CF. They also support research into CF, including many clinical programs over the years as well as local and national CF research projects. CFSA has advocated tirelessly for the right resourcing in each of the CF centres here in SA and are big supporters of the CF care teams here. CFSA receives no government funding so any donation you make to my fundraising efforts will be greatly appreciated.

For more information about the Great Strides events held in SA go to our events on Facebook.

What the charity is asking for and why

Great Splash at Strathalbyn Great Strides is a fun way to raise money in support of Cystic Fibrosis SA.

For your chance to see a team from the Women's and Children's Hospital a team from the Royal Adelaide Hospital and the Executive Officer of CFSA splash in the dunking tank at Strathalbyn Great Strides on Sunday 27 October - make a donation today.

When you make a donation to the Great Splash at Great Strides you help CFSA provide a range of support programs to people who are living with Cystic Fibrosis.

We need to make $5000 for the dunking tank to be a reality! So share this with your family and friends and get those donations flowing in.

Your donation is tax deductible - as a bonus you also get the chance to dunk your favourite CF team member on the day.